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Friday, August 22, 2008

Sell Products by Dropshipping

Dropshipping is where you as the seller offer products to your customers. They order from you, and your supplier "dropships" or sends the paid product to your customer under your name. There's no need for inventory. Just take orders, and send products through your supplier.

There are a handful of very important resources for finding not only the products you want from a reliable dropshipper, but also the best price on those products. But before you get to that step...are you able to be competitive selling the products you've chosen? If you aren't sure, this guide will help explain how to figure it out.

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nadriansmith said...

The idea of having a home based business has always been attractive to me. As a matter of fact I have either participated in or researched, hosiery, crystal, candles, cosmetics, general home products, insurance and countless others. I still haven't found the one that is for me. By that I mean the business that suits my schedule as well as my personality without breaking my piggy bank (which lately looks like a starving pig from a third world county) I am however still looking Im just not interested in the MLM concept.

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