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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Internet Marketer's Daily Activities

Planning Strategies

1) Select your private label articles, ebooks, cds, videos, etc. Or create your own (your
ultimate goal).

2) Start your own newsletters, audio messages, podcasts, videos,
special reports (how to's, recipes, product reviews, tips, etc.)
## remember your SEO (search engine optimization) and have your "keywords" in your titles,
body of text, and links.

3) Plan your product launches and ad placements, keep a journal and organizing logs . . .
know what, where, and when your ad campaigns are used

4) Create giveaways, viral products, #promo products

5) Create squeeze pages, ads, other marketing ideas

6) Submit articles, ads, press releases in directories and newsletters

7) Advertise on various "'dead real estate" (things laying around or unused spaces
where ads can be posted) . . . bulletin boards, 404 error pages, thank you pages,
postcards, calendars, pens, etc. . . . dont forget offline as well

8) Traffic exchanges and PPC's . . . . get some ad credits

9) Post messages on bulletins and blogs . . . have your "soft" (no blatant ads) links in your resource boxes

10) Make friends and contacts on social sites . . . have your "soft" links in your messages . . .
exchange some links with your friends

11) Plan your affiliate marketing materials like in #4 and #5, and your affiliate payroll schedule

12) Learn from your mentors, attend their teleseminars, watch mentoring videos and email classes . . .
go to a conference and meet other gurus

13) Do some research for yourself . . . learn to find various resources for your marketing efforts
and keep an up to date list of helpful resources

14) Seek ways to help others . . . as others have helped you

This list is compiled by:
Bridget Mouton
visit her blog at:

Feel free to pass on to your friends.

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