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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Almighty Autoresponder

The Almighty Autoresponder

The autoresponder, also known as the auto email, mailbot, or email responder is an awesome tool for the online marketer or

business owner. It is an excellent promotional tool that saves time and frustration as it responds to messages with an automatic

response. It also serves as a way to gather new prospect names from those that sign up to receive your offers. It has to be the

number one tool used to build an online list of contacts . . . and we've heard numerous times how the list is the most important

thing to have to succeed in online business.

When setting up your autoresponder, make sure to have a section on your form to get a person's name and email address. You

at least need these to items in order to grow your list, keep in contact, offer valuable information, and make regular offers. Just

as it takes at least 7 times to notice the actual offer in commercials, the same holds true for offers on the internet.

There are a number of autoresponder services available. Some have monthly fees, some are free with their ads on the messages,
and there are a few that offer a free trial for a week to a month, and start a monthly fee. It is best to do a search for

"autoresponders", and see what is best for you. I did find one free autoresponder that doesn't have ads on the messages, but

the site is ad rich with popups and such that can easily distract the visitor from the free sign up.

Look for a future post from me that will give more information about autoresponders and my recommendations.

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