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Sunday, February 8, 2009


If you want to see how it works, you can schedule a call with your group at a certain time. You dial the number they give you when you sign up: The use of the conference line is free, but to call the number is whatever it costs you to call a long distance number from your phone (home phone, work phone, or cell). Most people have long distance service for 5cents/minute or less. Say you have a 30 minute meeting at 5cents/minute . . . . $1.50 to not have to get out of bed, get dressed and drive to a meeting . . . and what about the savings in gas?

Anyway, you dial the number:
(you recieve it when you sign up for a free account)
and when you hear the prompts to
enter your access code . . .
You dial:
(you recieve it when you sign up for a free account)
It will ask you to confirm your code, and then you will enter the conference.

You can sign up for your own free account at:

You can also inquire about a dedicated 800 line for everyone to call, and then you just get billed monthly for the use of the 800 # per person. They also have other paid services that many companies use.

And here is another company that offers various plans from free, to paid services, and even recording the calls, etc:

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Bridget said...

Some of my friends on Facebook are using the teleconference feature as a valuable way to get their word out in powerful ways.

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